Doner Card - University Marketing Stunt
Doner Card: University Marketing Stunt for a Small Film

123-REG deleted my hosting…

…without any warning or anything. I have been waiting 24hours for a reason - maybe my hosting expired and they did not tell me, I have no idea because the hosting information was completely wiped off my control panel. This is the final straw in a long catalogue of crap service from this company, so I have given up with 123-REG and will be moving somewhere else. Supanames used to be a really good hosting company, 123-REG took them over and I have had much dissatisfaction from their lack of customer support, control panels refusing to let me delete my credit card details and persistent spam. My vitriol will be confined to my PC's microphone only, but it is not pretty.

So if you are reading this, my blog is not back up and running yet, but I am on a new hosting site.