Self Portrait
A rare attempt at poetry and a response to the world at large.

When David Blunkett announced his measures to rid the world of, among other things, graffiti, I had a strange sense of dejá vu. To understand why, read the last lines of a poem written several years before:

"To those of you
I do not impress
I have a view
I'd like to express

A violent crime?
I'm not perpetrating
I haven't the time
For hurt or hating

What I do instead
Is pure creation
Using my hands, head
And some imagination

I make art
That you can't accept
You have no part
As you are inept

It's all about me
A view into my head
But you cannot see
As your soul is dead

So follow your peers
With your narrow minds
It's not you I fear
'Cos politics make you blind

Ski 96"

Self Portrait © Ski